1. Minutes of Annual General Meeting, 30th December 2010

    The minutes were read and approved. 

    2. Directors’ report

    Membership: Currently stands at eleven.
    Funding: An application to the Sustainable Development Fund has been made to
    cover the costs of woodland operations during the first 2-3 years. After this period,
    we expect that income from firewood sales will be sufficient to render the business
    self-sustaining. The application was successful and we have been awarded a grant.
    Woodland Management Plan: A condition of the grant was that we make an
    addendum to the plan to specify in detail the conservation measures we intend to
    take. This has been produced, with help from Ryedale Natural History Society (to
    whom we are indebted) and approved by the National Park’s Woodland Officer.
    It describes:
    - areas of non-intervention
    - veteran trees to be preserved
    - coppicing to be carried out by the community
    - wet areas of significance
    - botanically sensitive areas.
    Lease Agreement: We have reached agreement on the terms of a 7 year lease.
    Both sides’ legal fees were included in the grant application and have been settled.
    Woodland Development: At the last AGM we reported that we were planning to

    plant an additional 8.5 hectares adjoining the existing wood. This is no longer part
    of the community project and is being carried out by the landowner.
    Firewood Collection: A second collection of dead and fallen timber has taken

    place. We will not be able to remove any more dead wood as the Management
    Plan requires it to be left in place for its ecological benefit.
    Solar Photovoltaics: A number of residents have investigated the installation of

    PV panels under the Feed-In-Tariff arrangements. It has not been possible for the
    CIC to negotiate any “bulk” price reductions.

    3. Re-election of Directors

    Nelly Trevelyan retired by rotation and offered herself for re-election. She was
    nominated by Henry Iles, seconded by Jim Hall and elected unanimously.

    4. Presentation and discussion of plans for future activities
    A discussion of issues and ideas not covered in the Directors’ Report was carried
    on after the AGM was closed.

    5. Any Other Business

    Janet Hayton proposed thanks to Jim Hall and to the Chairman for their efforts in
    advancing the woodland project. 


    Interim progress report – April 2012

    A lease agreement has been concluded with the landowner.  The main conditions are as follows:

    The term is 7 years
    The agreement includes
    the use of a yard at Skipster Hagg Farm for processing and an adjacent barn
    for storage


    Volunteers have marked trees for felling as the first phase of thinning – as
    prescribed in the Management Plan.  These
    are a mix of sizes, including most of the older birches, and selected to result
    in more even spacing.  The area marked is
    about a third of the total woodland.


    A contractor (recommended by a local land agent) has been engaged to carry out
    the first phase of thinning.

    estimated price is comparable with Forestry Commission standard costs

    felling is completed and tress have been left where they fell for extraction
    later in the year.

    is intended to trim and stack just outside the wood and to use a large
    truck to move the timber to the farmyard.


    Processing into logs will be carried out at Skipster Hagg Farm.  We have not yet identified a contractor or
    equipment to do this.


    5. Public
    Liability and Personal Accident Insurance has been
    arranged through the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers at a first year
    cost of £275 – considerably cheaper than other quotes received.  At this stage we have not covered employer’s
    liability, use of chainsaws or loss of tools. 
    These can all be added later if needed.

     2015 : John Boddy Rose Bowl Trophy

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